Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Bone Wars

boring indie rock. you'd get excited because the name's really cool, and you shell out 13 bucks because, shit, the cover's cool too and pitchfork gave it an 7.6, but then you give it a listen and realize that all this crap sounds exactly the same: mediocre.

p.s. you should read about the REAL Bone Wars on wikipedia, it's a fascinating story.

Dead Birds

this band would be serious and dark and hopefully remind you of piles of dead birds. we'd aspire to sound like Neurosis, but come up embarrassingly short.

c.c.'s beauty mark

this would be a super fun, high energy throw back to poppy hair metal bands.
all songs about: screwing models, destroying hotel rooms, coked up strip club escapades, and one sad ballad about the one that got away....